Senior Mobile Developer - Full Time

VoiceThread is seeking a senior iOS and Android mobile developer. You will be joining the team as we launch our redesigned mobile experience.

Skills and Requirements

  • Proficient in JavaScript.
  • Experience with Typescript, or comfortable learning it.
  • Experience working with both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Writing readable, maintainable and well-tested code.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.


  • Strong communication skills.
  • Comfortable pairing with other developers.
  • A strong sense of humor and a ‘Goldilocks ego’, not too hot, not too cold.
  • A desire to build elegant and sustainable solutions, but also know when and how to build solutions that fail gracefully.

Beneficial Experience

  • Experience working in a start-up
  • Experience working with remote team members.
  • Experience using NativeScript